Town in the City beginnings...


TOWN IN THE CITY is an psychedelic folk rock band from Los Angeles, California. Their music has its roots in harmony-driven music, while simultaneously incorporating psychedelic rock grooves, experimental recording techniques, and an exhilarating live show. 

Built around the classic California sound of the 60s and 70s, they has evolved into a modern band centered around a genuine roots based vibe, evoked in their newest EP release, “Safe + Sound.”

After two years of self-produced releases TOWN IN THE CITY polished their sound into a unique style that highlights their flowing harmonies and rich, textured instrumental layers.  The band was able to reach a sonic level that fit with the warm, jangly songwriting.  Their most recent effort was tracked at the recording giant, East/West Studios and the result was a more grandiose, mature collection of songs.

TOWN IN THE CITY has been continuously building up their fan base by playing around the L.A. area at venues such as The Satellite, The Trip, The Mint, Hotel Cafe, and Vintage Days Festival, and proceeded to embark on a West Coast tour.

With a growing repertoire, the band has developed an exciting, high energy live show that pulls out all the stops.  What makes the band so enjoyable to watch is their spontaneity on stage, and their ability to show the sincere fun they have during their set.

TOWN IN THE CITY represents an organic type of music that appeals to those who long for a raw, veritable spirit in what they listen to.  The band is currently working on their first full length that will be released in the coming months!  Stay tuned for new tracks to surface.




George Chammas - Guitars, Vocals

Shawn Grindle - Guitars, Piano, Vocals

Dan Macken - Harmonica, Keys, Omnichord, Organ

Whitt Bell - Bass

Julia Chalker - Violin, Vocals

Matt Campbell - Drums