THE MOSAICS are a genre bending group of kaleidoscopic proportions.  

Combining "flower child" harmonies that harken back to a simpler time, with a dazzling array of melodic soundscapes and a powerful live show, the band evokes the cosmic feel of Pink Floyd and the grittiness of the Doors.

After building a fan base in Los Angeles, THE MOSAICS embarked on a West Coast tour, expanding their reach along the Pacific, exciting crowds along their way.  In every stop they made, whether it was a ballroom or dive bar, THE MOSAICS left the audiences entranced with their cosmic energy. 

In 2016, THE MOSAICS took to the recording studio where they aimed to bring their swirling psychedelia to life.  The band plans to release their debut EP later this fall.




George Chammas

Shawn Grindle

Julia Chalker

Alex Keenan

Harrison Lee

Dan Macken

Matt Campbell